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This website has been in existence since February 2001 and has proved to be of equal interest to members of Olton Chess Club, other local chess clubs and casual visitors alike.

The site is now listed on all the major search engines and provides links to all known local chess clubs and associations, as well as other chess-related sites. This page attempts to explain how it all works.

The bulk of the site was created using Microsoft® Web Expression 4. Upload is achieved within the web editing software, allowing only updated information to be posted, thus saving time.

Other pages listed on the website, such as newsletters, games, etc are created independently and uploaded individually, as required. The Javascript game pages are created using Palview3 software and the resulting htm code is altered to include extra detail and a ‘Back’ link. This software is available from the Palview Pages and is reasonably easy to use. There are standard Cascaded Style Sheet (css) files provided for a more professional look, and these are used for the games pages here.

I always welcome constructive comments and notification of errors or omissions, as these do occur from time-to-time. I would like to thank all individuals and organisations who have provided and/or allowed the use of information, links & banners, software tools, suggestions and technical help used in the construction and maintenance of this website.

Aside from various graphics & trademarks used with the owners’ permission and contributions otherwise acknowledged, the material used in this website is the sole property of the webmaster, Richard Reynolds. The webmaster takes no responsibility for the content of external sites to which links are provided from these pages.

The Webmaster

That’s me, Richard Reynolds. I am also Club Captain and Newsletter Editor of Olton Chess Club, as well as a Past President of the Birmingham & District Chess League.

For the record, I have a BEng (Hons) (CNAA) in Materials Technology and absolutely no formal training in computer programming or web design (you can probably tell).

Other areas of interest include ten-pin-bowling, where myself and other Olton members compete in a League team, and Traditional Ale.


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